Why School Uniforms Should Be Banned

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School Uniforms Should Be Banned Students from schools with a uniform policy say that uniforms have affected the way they feel about themselves in an unsatisfactory way. Uniforms are proven to slow down the transition into becoming an adult because students aren’t used to choosing their own clothing. Wearing a uniform opens an opportunity for students to judge each other’s bodies based on how they look and it creates room for drama and bullying. The uniforms can also obstruct a student from expressing themselves. Schools should not require a school uniform policy because they delay the transition into adulthood, they cause students to compare their bodies and bullying each other, and uniforms restrict a student’s self-expression and personality. School uniforms delay a student’s transition into becoming an adult, so uniforms should not be entailed. According to PublicSchoolReview.com, “Students that are forced to wear uniforms are ill-prepared to become an adult that has to choose things for themselves” (ProCon.org). Everyone knows that adulthood involves making your own choices. All throughout high-school, students that get to choose what they wear already know what clothing they like and what they feel they look best in. However, with a uniform policy, students would then have to experiment with new clothing and could potentially waste money right away. Secondly, school uniforms make it easier for students to compare their body types, which is another problem that the
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