Why School Uniforms Should Be Legal

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School Uniforms are a Benefit to Students
Shawn Hough
English 122 English Composition II
Instructor: Lindsay Bryde

To understand why school uniforms are a benefit to students you need to first know some of the reasons they were brought into schools for. One of the biggest reasons uniforms are brought into schools are because of gangs, other reasons include uniformity, school pride, simplify dress code issues, bullying, increased academic scores and other reasons. These are some of the claimed benefits the school uniforms are said to bring. The legality of school uniforms has been an issue historically. The biggest problem with this is it has often been challenged that making uniforms or a strict dress code mandatory is illegal because it violates the student’s first amendment rights and freedom of speech through expression. If it is legal for schools to implement uniform policies or a strict dress code what effects will this have on the school, students, faculty, parents and public wellbeing? All of these factors will be examined over the course of this paper. The evidence for this paper has been gathered from multiple sources which will support my thesis statement as well as showing some common counter arguments. It is important to inform everyone so they can examine the sources themselves to determine if they agree with my interpretation of the data and information. After examining the evidence that will be presented, everyone will see that
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