Why School Uniforms Should Be Required

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The Need for School Uniforms School is a place to learn, grow and acquire the necessary fundamentals to become a productive adult in society. I believe school uniformity create an environment where kids can learn and focus on their education. School uniforms should be required in grades pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. I recognize that school uniforms create structure and discipline, equality and a sense of belonging amongst each other, and lastly school uniforms are cost effective. There have been many on-going debates for and against school uniforms for years. In the following paragraphs I will support my claims on why school uniforms should be required. In high school back in 1997 our school did not require for us to wear uniforms. Everyone was free to wear what they wanted and school staff was quite lenient with the dress code. Amongst my peers I noticed a lot of kids seem to have no discipline in their life, school was not a priority for them. Our school had a very high drop-out rate, tardies and absences were also high. I believe that if our school would have required the students to wear uniforms, it could have made some type of difference. According to one surveyed parent pro school uniforms, "School uniforms send a signal that school is something to be serious about. I agree with the parents views, because when children have rules and guidelines that they have to follow, that teaches them structure and discipline. In result, the discipline can help guide
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