Why School Uniforms Should Not Be Forced On Students?

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School uniforms should not be forced on students and here is why.How would you feel to be forced to wear the same outfit everyday for the rest of your education time in that district until graduation.You wouldn’t be able to choose your own style or have freedom to choose what you want to wear and everyone would look boring.I personally wouldn’t want to wear the same outfit daily as everyone else and I’am pretty sure no one else would.In addition,I have known several people who were forced to wear uniforms at their school and all have the same opinion on it,they hated them.They immediately felt more free when they moved to a school with no uniforms which is all they talked about for weeks.School uniforms have always been a topic where you either agree with it or not.A lot of students are already required to wear them and more and more schools are adopting this rule at a fast pace.People are for and against for many reasons but the main two are safety and freedom of expression.In this essay I will tell you why school uniforms shouldn’t be required for school.I will state why they have such a big impact on students development like not being able to make their own decisions. First off i'm going to start off by saying I understand that their are a lot of people that agree there should be uniforms at schools.In Long Beach,Ca,1999 after district introduced uniforms to their schools it was found that,”that battery and assault was decreased by 34% and deadly weapon was decreased by 50%...”(Procon.org).Also,a bulletin published by the National Association of secondary school principals stated,”When all students are wearing the same outfit...they can concentrate on their school work” (procon.org).Lastly,Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when she was a 2008 US presidential candidate,said,"Take that off the table and put the focus on school, not on what you're wearing" (procon.org).Chris Hammons, Principal of Woodland Middle School,stated that uniforms "provide for less distraction, less drama, and more of a focus on learning" (procon.org). Now I will give my side which is that schools should not require uniforms.I'll start off by saying the push for school uniforms is so the companies can make not money

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