Why School Uniforms Should Not Be Required?

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School Uniforms Should Not be required People think that uniforms should be required, others do not believe it is necessary at all. However, the positives of not wearing uniforms outweigh the positives of wearing uniforms, but I think that school uniforms are a bad idea and some schools might say uniforms make us united as a school, but I believe they do not do anything except bother the students. I will give you a list of reasons why school uniforms should be required. Wearing a uniform takes away your freedom of choosing what to wear, it might not be comfortable to students, uniforms could be expensive, they do not show the style of the student and neither their personalities and other reasons that I will go in details in the next paragraphs. The first reason that I want to talk about is the most…show more content…
What I mean by they do not demonstrate their style and personality, is that you cannot see what type of student they are, and what kind of things they like. If they all wear the same thing so the teachers also can’t tell what kind of student are, and if they see them wearing their clothes it will help them understand the students. Letting the student choose their uniform, make them go and build their identity and it gives them the opportunity to show themselves and what kind of thinking they have. Out of many reasons why school uniform shouldn’t be required this one raised my attention that is written by Shirley Farrell in an article about why school uniforms should be mandatory, he said that: “students always find ways to tease or bully others, regardless of what clothes are worn. Uniforms make students very identifiable, creating division between schools and making it very easy to be bullied or cause a fight with a rival institution.”[1] So school uniform could be a dangerous thing for the one being
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