Why School Uniforms Should Not Be Required

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Why School Uniforms Should Not Be Required Did you know that only 16.4% of American public high schools require students to wear uniforms, and that 54% of schools only require a strict dress code? That’s crazy considering how many schools there are nationwide. Many schools have many different opinions on whether or not uniforms should be worn. There are tons of pros and cons that this topic could be debated over. Some schools think that it makes kids smarter and it helps them to succeed in their futures. Some schools think opposite, that uniforms lower children's self esteem and it doesn't let them express themselves enough. Schools should meet in the middle and create a semi-strict dress code that still shows modesty while it lets kids express themselves. Uniforms should not be required for children because of the fact that they dull creativity, the fact that there are no proven statistics that have a counterargument, and the fact that how school children who wore uniforms have counterarguments. Although there are people who believe uniforms should be mandated for the bettering of our children's education, there are statistics to help prove otherwise. School uniforms do not have much of a positive effect on children. If we really wanted our kids to thrive and be creative, we would let them dress to express. Kids need to be able to wear whatever they want to to express themselves. This will help kids find who they are or want to be in the future. When kids are able
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