Why Science Can Prove The Truth

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There are many thing science in unable to prove as the truth from observing and analyzing hypothesis created and experimenting on the many questions we have about the universe. Scientists work to discover the truth through using the scientific method by validating a hypotheses. Validating a hypothesis is one of the steps used in the scientific method, it is the foundation of whether or not a certain idea can be true. A hypotheses is best validated when ‘(i) they make successful predictions; (ii) there are conceivable observations that could, in principle, refute them, but have not; and (iii) there is a comparably sensible competitor theory that is faring worse”(pg 663). This being said, not everything can be used for scientific method, like the theory of evolution, because some hypothesis are not able to meet the requirements of this method, therefore, disapproving the argument that scientific method is the means of determining the truth of the nature of science.
Whether science can prove the truth or not, there is still the question of are we even able to find the absolute truth about the universe. The debate that absolute truth does or does not exists is merely subjective because there is no facts that it does or does not exist or can exist. The idea that science is a never ending process and the technology we process will never stop advancing. Science is finding new ways of finding information and discovering new questions and theories that will replace the old ones we
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