Why Science Is Essential For Students

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Science knowledge, skills and understanding are essential for students to be effective citizens in the 21st century.
This essay will show the reader why science is essential for students to become effective citizens in the 21st Century. It will explore the meanings behind the words “21st century learning” and what it means to be an effective citizen. It will explain why science more so than ever before is an integral part of the primary school curriculum.

21st Century Learning
“ Twenty-first century teaching and learning is presumed to focus on the fundamental skills of critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, and collaboration and communication.”(Wismath, Orr et al. 2013) The way we think about education has
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Being an effective citizen means the ability to investigate, stay informed, communicate, collaborate and take creative action. Citizens need to be able make sense of local, national, and global events, trends and information. They need to not only focus on the future but also saving the heritage of the past. As part of 21st century learning we are focusing on producing effective citizens with an approach to citizen education. “While the emphasis is on personal development it is also on community, environmental and world concerns.”(Cogan 2000)” All students deserve to acquire the knowledge and skills that empower them to be informed, engaged and active citizens.”(skills 2013) It is imperative that citizens of today are flexible problem solvers that can partake in the future direction of our planet. This requires a range of knowledge, skills and experiences.
Science knowledge skills and understanding
Science understanding is evident when a person selects and integrates appropriate science knowledge to explain and predict phenomena, and applies that knowledge to new situations. “Science knowledge refers to facts, concepts, principles, laws, theories and models that have been established by scientists over time.”(Australian Curriculum 2014)
To have a understanding of science is to have knowledge of Physical World, Earth and Space, Living World and Chemical World, about
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