Why Security Is Not A One Step, Or One Goal?

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Security is not a one-step, or one-goal, process but it is a continuous process that requires constant adjustments to accommodate changes in an environment. Security must be the number one priority for those involved, or even not involved. This is especially important in court building operations. As the risks involved in the court atmosphere is regularly changing, the potential for disturbance will never be fully eliminated. By devoting the appropriate attention and accommodating to changes, potential incidents can be minimized or alleviated. Court house security has seen dramatic changes after historically shock shaping incidents, development of security protocols, and the shift in responsibility of national and state courts. Most…show more content…
Murrah Federal Building which killing 168 people. The Murrah building did not in fact contain the courts, but did however house the FBI and DEA (McCooey, 2015). The effect of this event brought a greater appreciation of the potential threats of terrorist against federal agencies (Birkland & Schneider, 2007). In addition, helped change the enhancement of security measures taken to protect federal facilities from not only an inside perspective, but an outside standpoint as well. Approximately six year later, the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center turned the United States upside down. The incident killed over 2,500 people, while damaging a substantial amount of the surrounding structures in downtown Manhattan making the accessibility of the surrounding areas nearly impossible. Courts in the affected area were closed for several days and even weeks as the event made communication, personnel, and public access highly difficult to obtain (Birkland & Schneider, 2007). Security and emergency planning was no longer a question of whether or not to consider, but instead they became the highest priority of all federal and state agencies at future risk following the attack. Take into consideration that court-related violence has two varieties: targeted and non-targeted. An example of targeted violence against a court is a premeditated effort to injure specific individuals associated with the judicial process (Weller, 2014). When individuals are
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