Why Semiotics Is A Useful Method For Analysing Advertisements

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Explain why semiotics is a useful method for analysing advertisements. Straight away when thinking of signs one would automatically think road signs, star signs or even pub signs however signs can also be drawings, paintings and photographs as well as words, sounds and body language. The study of signs and symbols is also known as semiotics. Ferdinand de Saussure was a Swiss linguist and semiotic whose ideas laid a foundation for many significant developments; He is one of the founding fathers of semiotics which he called “semiology”. Semiology also looks into the use of signs and their interpretation. Semiotics are frequently used in advertising to signify an advertisers message through the use of signs and symbols for example it plays a significant role on catching the targets audiences eye by the placement of pictures, texts and logos. The use of semiotics is very important for a successful advert. Saussure offered a two-part model of a sign, he defined a sign being composed of two parts for example the signifier and the signified. According to Saussure the signifier was the representation, the word or the image, where as the signified was the meaning, the concept in which is associated with the signifier. This is why semiotics is so useful in advertisements because a sign straight away has a connotation behind it and can give away the message straight away to its audience for example the signifier is always going to be signified. In an advert if you see a packet of

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