Why Setting Limits Is Important For The Relationship Between You And Your Teen

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Setting Limits.
To explain why setting limits is important for the relationship between you and your teen I would have to blog about it for days. The simple fact is that setting limits is structure that is essential to the relationship you’re going to establish with your children. These limits will be tested and negotiated. These limits are what will help build core beliefs and values that your teen will carry with them for the rest of their lives. These limits will allow for control and focus when it comes to what is best for your teen.

Some parents like to sit down and make sure that they know where they stand with every rule, and others like to negotiate some of the rules with their teen. Neither of these is “wrong” as long as communication is open.
Begin by establishing your family’s limits with your teens:
1) Starting with knowing what the most important rules are, as well as what is non-negotiable and what is negotiable.
2) Don’t blindside the teen. When I need to talk to a teen boy about rules or changes I would let him know ahead of time.
“Hey, I just want to let you know tonight I think we should sit down and talk about curfew and some other things.”

This gives the teen a little bit of time to gather their thoughts and reflect on the issues as well. Both parties walk away with a little time to think about where they stand, and what’s important to them.
3) Come together to discuss the issues at hand in a straightforward and honest way. Each person must show…
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