Why Shiro Made A Good Captain?

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And that was why Shiro made a good captain. Lance nodded in understanding. “I promise I’ll be on time tomorrow.” Shiro patted his back good naturedly as he stepped into the locker room, Lance following at his heel to join the rest of the team. “You say that every day.” “This time I promise, though.” “You say that every day too.” “Leave him alone, Shiro,” came a voice from the corner of the locker room where a small brown and green figure sat. Pidge poked his head out of the top of his overshirt, hair askew. “He’s not the only one late.” With the lecture over with, Lance felt more than fine turning to the keeper with a smug grin. “Oh yeah? Who else isn’t following your rules?” “His brother .” “Wait… what ?” Since when did Shiro have…show more content…
Lance had paid little attention to it, choosing to focus on his performance in training than worry about a missing player. He figured he’d come across Keith Kogane soon enough; after all, Keith had one of the positions Lance coveted as fellow forward. But right now, Keith wasn’t his concern. Fellow teammate or not, he wasn’t here, and Lance was—and that was all that mattered at the end of the day. “Nope, don’t remember.” Lance chucked his gym back into his locker, shrugging half-heartedly. Pidge laughed, high and shrill, in his corner, the sound grating Lance’s ear drums like ref’s broken whistle. “What the fuck are you on?” he asked, eyes glinting wildly in the harsh lighting of the locker room. “How do you not know who Keith is? We talk about him all the time.” And Lance had to admit: Pidge wasn’t wrong. Like a lost limb the body remembered, Voltron United felt Keith’s absence as they tried to learn what it was like to play without it. On more than one occasion, Hunk had told him about Keith’s wry humor, Pidge launched into a wild conspiracy theory with a soft Keith would understand tacked on at the end when the rest of the team stared at the defender like he was crazy, and Shiro would tap away at

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