Why Should A Health Information Professional Possess A Fundamental Understanding Of The Law?

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Ch. 1 review questions #1 Why should a health information professional possess a fundamental understanding of the law? Because it allows the HIM professional to be consciously aware of the duty and responsibility that he/she has in regards to patient confidentiality, privacy and security. It also allows them to know what the repercussions might be in case they were to break the law. #2 Does a single document or source of law exist where an individual can find all of the rules governing health information? Why or why not? No. Since the laws and regulations are divided into federal, state and local levels, they are interpreted differently by each of the court systems, all three different levels. This makes it impossible for all law relating health information to ascend from a single source. #5 Explain the concepts of stare decisis and res judicata. Stare decisis “to let the decision stand” operates in a pyramid-type fashion and is the doctrine that judicial decisions stand as precedent for cases arising in the future. It is a fundamental policy of our law that, except in unusual circumstances, a court’s determination on a point of law will be followed by courts of the same or lower rank in later cases presenting the same legal issue, even though different parties are involved and any years have elapsed. Res Judicata “a thing or matter settled by judgement”; in other words, the thing that has been decided. Whenever a court with jurisdiction over the lawsuit renders a final
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