Why Should A Realtor Or Any Property Seller Care About The Internet Of Foreign Languages?

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How to Promote Real Estate for Sale to Foreign Buyers: Your Own Foreign Website or Ads on Foreign Real Estate Portals? Why should a realtor or any property seller care about the internet presence in foreign languages? According to Wikipedia that cites various sources, English only occupies about half of the internet nowadays and what is even more important, the number of websites in other languages is growing rapidly. From the beginning of this century the use of English online increased by around 300%, a lower rate of growth than that of Spanish (700%), Chinese (1,300%), or Russian (1,800%). The number of internet users by language (in millions of people) is estimated as: 800 in English, 650 in Chinese, 200 in Spanish, around 100…show more content…
You do not want to stay behind your competition, do you? Even the internet searches in the same language, but from the computers located in different countries, will bring different results. For example, when you search for exactly the same keywords from the U.S. and from the neighboring Canada, you will get somewhat different websites order as a result. It means that your website might be in a very good position on top of many others for the U.S. searchers, but not in the same high position for the Canadian searchers as some pure Canadian websites on the topic might very well go ahead of you for them. Google knows a searcher’s location by the IP-address and automatically opens the country’s version by default. Plus it may be in English or French if we talk about Canada, and again - the search results will be different from each other according to the language used, and also different from what you probably see on your computer in the U.S. The same happens with searches by the country specific search engines in foreign languages. Here comes the question “Should I have my own website on the foreign internet or should I post on foreign real estate portals to sell my property or properties to the foreign
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