Why Should A Young Child Be Allowed?

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8. Why should a young child be allowed to scribble? What is the importance of it?

According to Schickendanz and Collins, scribbling is one of the primary forms of written expression for very young children. Scribbling is important because children learn to differentiate their scribbling from writing as they develop. Scribbling is the source of writing for young children.

9. What are the stages of scribbling? List and briefly describe each.
Early scribbling or uncontrolled scribbling is when children make random marks on paper. Most children began early scribbling before their first birthday. It is also compared to babbling or baby talk. You can’t read early scribbling. Instead of asking a child what the scribbling says or what is it, you should just encourage a child to keep scribbling.
Controlled scribbling is when children began to make systematic marks that include circles, vertical lines, dots and squares. Most children began controlled scribbling between the ages of three and six. It is also called scribble writing. According to Harste, Woodard, and Burke the scribble reflects the children’s native language.
Scribble drawing is more pictographic in expression. Children between the ages of four and six use scribble drawings as a written expression of their work. Drawing helps children with writing development and eye-hand coordination. Children should be given an opportunity to talk about the picture. Once children learn the difference between writing and…
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