Why Should Animals Be Used For Medical Research?

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Why should animals be used for medical research? Is it because some animals are similar to humans probably. Even though animals have rights they should still be used for experiments because if scientist experiment on humans and something go wrong they could kill that human being. That is why animals should be used for medical research because they have different blood type and cells from us. Something that can easily kill us might not kill an animal, so with that they can find a way to cure the disease. In this paper I will represent alternative positions on the topic of testing, teaching and experimenting on different types of animals. I feel when testing things on different animals you get different results. When testing different animals you would get different results because some animals are provided with the help of the law to be giving pain relief. Some species are categorized based on the law. Animals that were funded by the law were the ones to get tested on. In this article Redmond states that “The clinician’s perspective on the value, suitability and desirability of animal models does not differ markedly from that of the neuro- biologist. From a clinical perspective, the need is to use animal models to understand more about the disease mechanisms, to test therapeutic options and to investigate disease clinical features in animals in a way that cannot be undertaken in humans for both ethical and practical reasons” (Redmond 2011). The clinician’s uses the

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