Why Should Anyone Be Led By You Summary

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The authors of “Why Should Anyone Be Led by You” are Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones. Goffee is a founding partner of the organizational consulting firm, Creative Management Associates, professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School, professional speaker, and an author of numerous books. Gareth Jones is the co-author and a Fellow of the Center for Management Development at London Business School, a visiting professor from IE Business School in Madrid, and is an author and speaker as well. Their main contention in their book “Why Should Anyone Be Led by You” is that numerous or most companies in the world are not led by “true leaders,” but they are simply managed by pencil pushers and employees playing different roles on the company’s professional stage. In my evaluation of the book “Why Should Anyone be Led by You” written by Goffee and Gareth, I will be using different personal examples from my own life to expound on the book’s strengths, my likes, and the book’s limitations and weaknesses as well. Body The first couple of chapters in the book focus on not only knowing yourself to be an effective leader, but also being yourself. In other words, the majority of people want…show more content…
I tailor every interaction with my customers to their specific needs and desires by simply giving them a chance to talk and by asking a few simple questions.” This explains that a successful leader is constantly having to adapt to situations as well as current and future employees as well. The example of the car salesman reminds me of Fielder’s LPC theory. By being compassionate with the LPC’s or directing, the work professionals around the LPC are constantly evaluating how the leader commands and treats everyone on the employment
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