Why Should Canine Assisted Therapy Improves Elementary Scores

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Every single year, millions of children test below state and national education standards. The relationship developed between humans and animals in an educational setting prove to be beneficial in emotional stability and goal-oriented support. The animals provide an environment that is judgement free, as well as, encouraging and supportive. Research has proven that animal assisted therapy, overall, reduces blood pressure, heart rate and reduction of stress-related hormones.2,4 The dogs used in Animal Assisted Therapy are certified through various National Organizations and have a predetermined number of location visits prior to receiving certification. The research that has been conducted shows a significant correlation of elementary students between improved reading letter grade and time spent reading to an animal assisted therapy dog. The purpose of this study is to determine if canine assisted therapy improves elementary scores in all subject matter. Where is the need According to the Wisconsin Information System for Education, in the 2014-2015 school year, grades 3-8, scored at only 43.7% proficient in math.6 Therefore, over 50% of children in grades 3-8 are not at a proficient math level. In Sparta, Wisconsin, the Dynamic Learning Maps test, consisting of science, language and math, recorded 54.9% of elementary students were not proficient.6 There is a need to examine outlying factors that are impacting elementary children and the classroom atmosphere.…
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