Why Should Child Labour Be Illegal

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Child labor is the use of children in business, but it can be considered to be inhumane towards kids. This is a major problem in the world that is happening right now. Kids are working hard all day instead of doing things that are important for children to do at a young age. Child labor threatens kids physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What is happening to kids?
Most of the time, child labor occurs because of poverty. Families depend on child labor to survive because their income in not enough to support everybody. Although laws that are against child labor exist in some places, they are often violated. For example, there is lots of different types of manufacturing in different industries. It can be hard to monitor child labor in that situation. Also, people try to hide child labor illegally because they don’t want to be seen putting children in danger from the work that the make them do. Some people use children to work because it cost less money to pay a kid other than an adult. To add on to that, people can make soldiers out of children. This is because if they get violence in a child's head at a young age, they will grow up with violence in their head.
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This is a form of child labor. It’s when an adult uses a child for sexual purposes just for their own benefit. Do know how scary that would before you? And yet it is happening right now to kids around the world. In addition, people have used kids to do severely dangerous work. For example, mining and work is hazardous for the kids. They can be killed in this kind of work. Additionally, people make children pick tobacco plants all day. These children are exposed to nicotine and toxic pesticides on this kind of work. They can get very sick and die sometimes because of these
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