Why Should College Shouldn 't Be Free?

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Universities used to be a privilege for most academic students to attend and it was very affordable, but currently the price per year to attend college has drastically increased. For instance, in the “1970’s the average cost was 10,000 dollars a year and today the average cost is 30,000 dollars a year” (CQ Researcher). This is a triple increase in the price per year to attend college. Allowing this increase on college tuition has impacted the student’s attendance rate. This is a significant financial burden for college students and their family. Some believe that college shouldn’t be free because we are risking the value of college education, while others think it should be free because we are trying to avoid having our upcoming generation…show more content…
If college tuition diminished then perhaps fewer students wouldn’t be in debt. According to Rick Staisloff, “lower cost education would require fewer degree programs, appropriately larger class sizes, less research at non research institutions and more streamlined and efficient administrative services” (CQ Researcher). In other words even if college tuition does lower, it would decrease student’s options toward majors and class space. Not only is the cost of college education increasing, but also financial assistant is decreasing, which is more money out of student’s pockets. Many situations like this are why students tend to work full time, while they are in school. Many students try to avoid being in college debt by working full time in addition to being a full time student. This is not a bad idea, but it is a rough battle because they are trying to make a certain amount of money per week to pay their bills and still in need of time to study. This works out for some students, but not for all. Some students that take part in this role end up with a low GPA or even dropping out of college. The states have noticed the increase of college students in debt after graduating. Therefore, to avoid this they’ve created a work-study program. The work-study program consists of students working part-time while they attend school. The money that they are making is going towards their college loans, or the tuition itself as a
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