Why Should Everyone Get A College Degree

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In today’s modern society college degree, has become an essential component to live a decent life. Many people believe that higher education is the only path to success, others think that college is not for everyone, all of them have their own strength and weakness. In my opinion not everyone should get a college degree. I feel this way for different main reasons which I will explore in the following essay.
First, it is better to consider college return of investment. certenaily college degree opens the door for so many careers with higher income, but not all degrees have the same payoff. The high cost of education and school loans make college graduation questionable, some graduates if not many are struggling for years to pay off school loans. Yet, there are plenty of good paying jobs that only require a high school degree or equivalent. By way of example, per The Eastern Workforce Investment Area, Service Unit Operators holding a high school diploma have an
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I will be the first to admit that some jobs such doctors and lawyers requires a higher education. But many companies are skeptical to hire college graduates who lack real world experience. Internships, jobs, volunteering and any other experience outside of academics looks appealing to employers, which is made apparent when a high school graduate with an extended work experience can have more chances to be hired in business management position than a new graduate with no experience. I believe it would almost be the ideal model to go to school and work part time or seek internships to build both parts of your resume.
By way of conclusion, based on the argument explored above, I believe not everyone should go to college. It is more beneficial for most student to choose a path that fits their needs and abilities, career they have passion for. College is not the wise choice of some of us. But we should never stop seeking
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