Why Should High School Sports Be Banned?

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Friday night light was always the highlight of the week, but what if there was no more Friday night lights or even no more sporting events at all. Most students do not see how much of a distraction sporting events are until there is no more games. High school sports have been around since the late 19th century or the early 20th century, and at first colleges would play high school. There are some people that believe that today’s society has prioritized sports over academics. Amanda Ripley article, "School Should Be About Learning, Not Sports", argues that with sports being in high school it tells students that they do not have to be in school and that there is another path they can take to success; In contrast, Kevin Kniffin argues that…show more content…
In her argument, she gets the viewpoint from a student that went to Germany and he told her "doing well at sports was in the U.S just as important as having good grades."(Ripley) This was good for Ripley to hear and bring up in her article because it made her argument that sports get a priority over grades, and this is seen all over the world, not just in this country.
One reason that spectators think that sports should be banned from high school is the health and safety risk. There are so many injuries that can take place in a single game Some of these injuries can be short term and long terms risk, but some spectators do not think that sporting events are worth either. The University of Michigan conducted a study and their conclusion was that “high school athletes become seniors, approximately percent will have used a narcotic pain reliever such as OxyContin or Vicodin for nonmedical purposes.” (Ramey) This study’s conclusion was important to share because it proves that through the injuries a player can get addicted to the pain medicine and continue to take it even after their prescription has gone out.
Kniffin wrote an article, "High School Athletes Gain Lifetime Benefits", that states a perspective that most people would never think of. Most people would not think that while playing a sport an athlete will gain certain characteristics that will help them their entire life. Kniffin brings up
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