Why Should I Invest For The Real Estate?

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Why Should I Invest in Canadian Real Estate?
By Irene Pylypenko | Submitted On March 01, 2012

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Expert Author Irene Pylypenko
Why Real Estate?

There 's more leverage allowed with real estate than any other type of investment - banks will lend investors 75% or more of the total value of their purchase, and often at relatively low interest rates. This high-leverage capacity results in a higher-than-average return for investors.

People will always need a place to live. When a property is purchased in a market with a growing population, each year the property will increase in value because more people will be moving to that market and will be driving the demand for housing up. In the same situation, a rental property 's debt owed will decrease over time, as tenants gradually pay down the principal on your mortgage.

Cash flow
Few assets match the cash flow capabilities of real estate, a smart investment will yield a steady stream of income from the outset, and this income will continue to increase over time as the mortgage is paid down and rents rise.

Historically, real estate has been more predictable than
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