Why Should Junk Food Be Banned In School

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What would junk food in schools do to help students? Why is junk food allowed in schools when it causes multiple problems? Schools are already starting to ban the sale of junk food in schools. That includes products like soda, candy, chips, or any unhealthy levels of fat and sugar. In schools, the sale of junk food would not be available in vending machines or in the cafeteria. The students may be allowed to bring their own choice of food from home. Although school programs benefit from selling junk food, it should be banned from school because childhood obesity is increasing each year, poor eating habits lead to health consequences in the future, and the vending machines will not do any help but just to provide unhealthy food in school. In the United States the increase of child obesity is getting larger each year. Child obesity has more than doubled in children in the past 30 years (Childhood). If this continues this may lead to too many overweight and child obesity problems in the future and the world's population could lead to many overweight problems. Today, about one in five school-aged children (ages 6–19) has obesity. (Childhood) Schools could be part of the reason for this but for now schools should make sure of what they are feeding the students. School is where students spend a lot of the time during these ages and in most schools junk food is easily available to the students. This show what is happening in the students life time and that schools are not there to
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