Why Should Not Be Placed On The World Heritage

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The World Heritage Committee decides whether a site should or should not be placed on the World Heritage list, designated, or postponed. The decision is based upon guidance from the Advisory Bodies. The committee then approves a Statement of Outstanding Universal Value for the site. This statement consists of their resolution that the site has Outstanding Universal Value. The declaration is also the foundation for any management and fortification the site may need in the future. If the site is not to be inscribed onto the World Heritage List, the only way redetermination may take place is under extraordinary situations. These conditions can include new scientific discoveries or information, otherwise if differing criteria that was…show more content…
Any information that is needed by the Advisory Bodies must be requested by January 31 (year 2). Evaluations and recommendations from the Advisory Bodies will be received by the Secretariat six weeks before the World Heritage Committee meets (year 2). The Secretariat then will transfer the information to the state party, and the World Heritage Committee. Fourteen days before the World Heritage Committee meets the state party needs to send any errors in the Advisory Bodies recommendations or evaluations. The World Heritage Committee’s annual session takes place in either June or July (year 2). Immediately following this session, either the site is inscribed, referred, or deferred (World Heritage Center, 2013:43-45). Just as a site can be inscribed on the World Heritage List, a site can be removed. The process for deletion from the list can include loss of attributes that enabled the site onto the list, if these features are threatened, or if measures by the state party have not happened. The World Heritage Committee will explore all information as to the deterioration of a site. A vote requires two-thirds of the members to agree to delete a location from the World Heritage List. The committee then notifies the public, and publication of this modification will take place (World Heritage Center, 2013:53-54). Germany 's Dresden Elbe Valley and the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary in Oman have both been removed from the World Heritage List
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