Why Should People Receive The Title Hero?

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Have one ever consider why people receive the title hero? For example, does the person have to acquire superpower, like being able to fly, read minds, like directors perpetuate in movies, or can a hero be just a regular person like the parents that take their time to teach us the important things in life? A hero are “Those who serve others at a cost of themselves, someone willing to make a personal sacrifice for the benefits of others.” which shows that anyone can be a hero, even a little child walking on the street can be a hero. Being able to take a stand for what he or she believes in, when no one else in the crowd would. Like Dr. Martin Luther King who took a stand for his people. He was a normal guy just like everyone else, but he did…show more content…
Vargas can be considered as a hero because he sacrifices all of his accomplishments to benefits both himself and other people. Not everyone would be willing to give up all of their hard work just to maybe detrone from the position that they are at. Yet, Vargas did not care, he had lost himself in the process and he wanted to gained that back. In the text Vargas said, “ This offered me five more years of acceptable identification-- But also five more years of fear, of lying to people I respect and institution that trusted me, of running from who I am. I am done running. I am exhausted. I don’t want that life anymore” (11). Even though he has five more years to continue accomplishing his dreams. to be whom he wanted to be, he was not happy with himself. He accomplished so many things before, like completing high school and college and got a dream job on top of it. To him all of it was a lie, he was deceiving the people he trusted. He did not care if he let all of his accomplishments go to waste, he just could not handle the lies anymore. In the text Vargas said, “ So I’ve decided to come forwards, own up to what I’ve done, and tell my story the best of my recollection” (11). Since he was tired of deceiving people and himself, he decided to come and admit all of his mistakes. This shows that he is sacrificing years of school, a college degree, and a dream job. Not everyone would be willing to
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