Why Should People Work Be Paid?

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Without a doubt the most common reason people have for working is the need for money. However, there are many other reasons people choose to work including a passion for their profession. Another motive is that some people want something to occupy their time. A final purpose people work is to gain knowledge about something new. Despite money almost always being a factor, people have many reasons for having a job.

Some people work in their particular field because they have a genuine love for their occupation. Despite making very little money some teachers stay with that chosen career for a lifetime. These people are not choosing the small salary, but rather are choosing a career that they feel has value and is something they love doing. On the other hand some professions do provide a lot of money and yet people do them because they care about the work they are doing. For some people a job is enjoyable
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Many teenagers or college students want to work in or have an interest in a particular field, so they get an entry-level job. Those jobs do not pay well, but provide a stepping-stone towards a job in that career. Likewise, college students often take on internships while still in school. Some of these are unpaid and some are poorly paid. These are chances for that person to gain valuable knowledge about the profession and also get a foot in the door in a specific career. At times a job is just a beginning or a way to learn about a career.

In total there are many different reasons why a person would have a job besides the money. Some people work because they have a passion for their profession despite whatever money they make. Others want to spend their time doing something useful even when they don’t need the money. Others yet acquire a job to learn more about a particular career or gain entry to an occupation. Clearly work isn’t always about the
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