Why Should Police Be Required To Have Tertiary Qualifications

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Title : All Police should be required to have tertiary qualifications. Why/Why not?

Problem: There should not be any required tertiary qualifications to meet in order to become police officer.
Claim: This essay argues that though having tertiary qualifications can be a helpful tool, it should not be a requirement because everything that is needed to know is learned at the police academy and on the job with other experienced officers.
Reasoning: Having required tertiary qualifications as prerequisites into the police academy would result in less applicants and, as a result, less police officers. Most of those who do study for a degree at university want to pursue a career in their given field. The qualifications to become an officer of the law are only acquired by going through the police academy. There should be a greater focus on teaching community relations to police officers so
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Only the best of the applicants pass the police academy, not everyone who applies will pass police academy and even get in the academy.
Backing: Police turnover rates.
Further Reason/Evidence: The criteria to be accepted into the police academy is sufficient enough already.
Warrant: Persons who apply to be in the police academy already have to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for the challenges that the police face everyday. Having a tertiary qualification should not hold as much significance as the three above requirements.
Backing: The police application requirements for QLD, VIC and WA (Possibly all states).

Grounds 2: Lack of High school pathways to police
Reason/Evidence: High school does not provide appropriate pathways into the police force through

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