Why Should Precision Chem Dry Care About It?

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In business, a solution to a problem must have a significant impact, for the customer or the organization; otherwise it may not be worth perusing. Currently professional development, hiring an accountant and implementing social media into the organization of Precision Chem-Dry have been assessed to determine if the risks are worth the reward, but the impacts of those solutions on the organization and its clients must still be examined to determine if they are worth perusing. When assessing the impacts of these solutions there are two factors that should be considered, why should Precision Chem-Dry’s owners care about implementing theses solutions and perhaps more importantly, what impact does each solution have on its mangers, employees and customers? When it comes to professional development, the first question that should be answered is, why should Precision Chem-Dry care about it? Simply put, “in today’s economy, if your business isn’t learning, then your going to fall behind” (Sarvadi, 2005). With the solution of professional development there is a huge potential for a positive impact when it comes to the organizations clients for one main reason, better service. When digging a bit deeper, several contributing factors that can leave a lasting impact on customers from better service is, cleaner carpets, a speedier service, and no need for a touch up or immediate call back. Not only will these impacts leave a lasting impression with its customers, employees will

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