Why Should Ratify The Constitution

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Right now a debate is accruing about weather or not we should ratify the constitution. This is an important moment in our country history because if we ratify the constitution it could make our country better or make it worse.We are at a crossroads in the history of our country. The Articles of Confederation are not working. They give the states too much power and are too weak. We can not pay our debts as a nation.The proposed Constitution would give us a strong government so that we can rise money through taxes. It could create a strong system of representatives. For these reasons I think we should ratify the Constitution. One reason to ratify the Constitution is with the Constitution we could rise the money we need through taxes to pay off debts.According to the speech given by delegate James Wilson it is the federal government 's job to protect our nation, support the dignity of the union, and pay off the nations debts. "it is the federal government’s duty to provide for the national safety, to support the dignity of the union, and to pay the country’s debts."For the government to protect our nation we need to pay, feed, and provide shelter for all of our soldiers. To do that we need money and we get the money from taxes. To keep our nations dignity we need to pay off our debts and we can 't do that without money and the money comes from taxes that aren 't being fully payed.This quote of James Wilson says that the government should get to tax people directly in cases
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