Why Should Spatial Disorientation Be Prevented?

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WHY SHOULD SPATIAL DISORIENTATION BE PREVENTED? Spatial Disorientation can be very dangerous when experienced in-flight for civil aviation or military aviation. In order to understand perfectly why prevention of spatial disorientation is mandatory, one of the main priorities is to understand the definition for ‘spatial disorientation’ in terms of aviation. When it comes to the definition, it can have a few definitions. It can be known as a condition where the pilot fails to match the perception of direction with true performance. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States gives a more simplified definition for it which is when the pilot is incapable of telling which way is ‘up’ (FAA 1983). TYPES OF SPATIAL…show more content…
They may restrict themselves at the controls, or make control inputs that lead to worsening of the situation rather than making it better. Such forms of disorientation are due to a breakdown in the cognitive processes, especially if factors also include fatigue and workload tension. ILLUSIONS OF SPATIAL DISORIENTATION Under standard situations, humans are able to precisely define which way is ‘up’ and how they are oriented by using information from the three main specialized sensory systems which are the visual system, the balance organs which is also known as the vestibular system and finally the proprioceptive system. When it comes to the illusions of spatial disorientation, there are three main illusions that should know which are visual, vestibular (somatogyral) and vestibular (somatogravic) illusions. Aviation mishaps can be caused by many factors but there is a possibility where it can be decreased just by removing any of these illusion factors. The significance of visual insight is stated by saying it is the most important sensory aiding spatial orientation, especially when it comes to means of transportation such as flying. Without it, it would be impossible to take flight as we know it, whereas it would be a different case when the vestibular or other sensory systems that give info are absent (Parmet and Ercoline 2008). It was also stated by Wickens and Holland

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