Why Should Study Abroad?

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Rahul Kommera
Professor Cynthia Pastrana
EL 301B
6th Oct, 2015
Why to Study Abroad
Leading an independent life, working in tandem with peer groups of different nationalities, learning about their different diverse cultures, all come under pros of studying abroad. Man who is considered a social animal gains, various formal and informal knowledge by educating himself. Formally, education is said to be a process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, evolving the potential to examine, judge and preparing oneself and others in his surrounding and lead a mature life. Studying abroad is always a dream for a student who aims to attain greater heights and exposure in his career. It gives an opportunity for bright and intellectual students to
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Stephen Spielberg, a famous Hollywood director and a founding pioneers of Hollywood era, who was born in a small town in Ohio, moved to Los Angeles for his higher studies and graduated in California state university, long beach, where he learnt about his interests into movies.
Another general benefit of studying abroad is problems of global warming, terrorism, population and various other alarming issues can be discussed upon a larger scale to form various reforms against them. Students from their own countries have facts and figures of their homelands and they could be rectified from the grass root level.
An educated person should use his knowledge in a right way, on the career perspective, the number of job opportunities provided for graduated students in under developed countries is very less. Hence, it would be a right choice, to move abroad for future job opportunities. In countries like United States, they have Silicon Valley in California which is considered to be the IT technology hub, which provide various job and internship opportunities to graduate students. Students and inexperienced opportunists get a hands on experience on their work, get to work on sophisticated and highly expensive and path breaking technologies and gain enormous knowledge and confidence on their subject of interest.
Students living in hostels
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