Why Should The Lgbt + Community Have The Same Rights As Everyone Else

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Should the LGBT+ Community Have the Same Rights as Everyone Else?
There are many rights that a normal everyday person takes for granted. To name a few marriage rights, workforce discrimination, adoption rights, and Assisted Reproductive Techniques. It is everyday things that no one thinks twice about having rights to. Should the LGBT+ community have the same basic human rights as everyone else? Marriage rights is something no one realizes how much goes into it until they do not have it. Whenever you are married you are able to have the rights to all the assets that you and your significant other own together, you can own properties jointly, you can become a citizen of another country if your partner moves from there and all in all enjoy all of the normal
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Being discriminated against is nothing new to the LGBT+ community. Sexual orientation discrimination in the workforce occurs more often than you might think. It does not only happen whenever someone is denied a position, it also happens whenever an employee encounters harassment, or detail of certain benefits provided by that company, simply because of their sexual orientation. This certain thing has been occurring for decades and over two dozen states that do not have anti-discrimination laws that protect individuals from being discriminated against. New legislation has been introduced but not passed in congress and it is called The Equality Act. The Equality Act is a LGBT non-discrimination act that would give permanent protection for LGBT individuals in the most important aspects of their lives, employment being one of them. Believe it or not, sexual orientation is not protected under federal law the way race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, and disability are for private employers. Although the law in this certain area is changing more and more, and for the better ("Sexual
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