Why Should Using Blinded Chickens?

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Chickens used for the poultry industry typically endure dirty, crowded, and confined conditions. Chickens are social animals, and they function well in smaller groups which allow them to find their own spot in the pecking order, which is their social hierarchy. When placed in groups of thousands in a crowded shed, these chickens find themselves stressed and frustrated by the confinement, and this often causes them to peck at one another causing injury and additional physiological stress in such poor conditions. The Purdue University Center for Food Animal Productivity and Well-Being proposed the solution of using blind chickens on these factory farms because these chickens are better suited for the crowded lifestyle. This proposition is…show more content…
The most ethical decision depends on which of these two choices farmers and the public decide to make. The first decision would be the most ethical course of action, and preferred for the welfare and best living conditions for chickens, as it takes into account the needs and health of ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ chickens. This means that farmers choose to change their own behavior and practices for the benefit of the chickens as opposed to forcing the animals to adapt to an unnatural, restricted lifestyle. This would also require that the public choose to support this change through increased prices and possible decreased poultry production. Changing the system would be the most ethical choice because it allows for farmers to continue commercially raising their chickens in such a way that gives them the best and healthiest life possible. Although this is the most moral solution to fix the current problems with the conditions on factory farms, it is not feasible that such upgrades would be made due to the high costs of implementing the necessary changes when there is currently no public desire to do so. Should such a desire arise, then this option would be more viable and would become the best way to raise chickens for the meat industry. Taking into account that the first option is not a likely option based on our current
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