Why Should Vaccinations Be Important? Essay

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To or to not vaccinate your children? Seems to be the question a lot of parents are debating. With such a big decision, it is encouraged to become educated with the principles of vaccinations, the safety of vaccinations with both sides of the debate, and the time frame that children receive vaccinations from birth to 18 years of age. Immunity. What is it? Why is it so important? And what does it do for us? To understand why vaccinations are so important, it is important to understand what immunity is. According to the CDC; Immunity is the ability of the human body to tolerate the presence of material indigenous to the body (“self”) and to eliminate foreign (“nonself”) material. Which then provides protection from infectious disease/ Immunity is generally specific to a single organism or group of closely related organisms. There are two general mechanisms for acquiring immunity, which are active and passive. Active immunity is your immune system, by itself. This type of immunity can last many years to a lifetime. Active is stimulation of the immune system to produce antigen-specific antibodies. One way to acquire active immunity, according to the Pink Book, is to survive infection with the disease-causing form of the organism. In other words - recovering from an infectious disease, you will have a lifetime immunity to that disease. This is due to memory B cells. They have the capability to retain the antibodies that kill the disease. They remember what it is, so they detect
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