Why Should Video Games Be Considered A Sport

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Last year’s League of Legends tournament racked up an acme of 11.2 billion viewers while the NHL (National Hockey League) Final only hit 8 million. These statistics show just how popular video games are and must be recognized as sport. Video games should recognized as sport, for they meet the requirements and compared to other sport they are similar in terms of requiring skill and having scholarships. The official definition of a sport is, “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes another or others for entertainment.” Technically they are a sport. Esports (electronic sports) have teams or individuals from countries, states, counties or districts that come that compete in tournaments state, country or worldwide.…show more content…
It also lack physical activity. Well to this there is an example that proves that wrong. Take a look at the Xbox Kinect. You have to physically move to play games that require it like Just Dance 1 to 4 or Kinect Sports. Another example is the Wii with the single hand-held remotes that require movement to interact with the console. Another issue people have with video games being classified as a sport is the mental health issue. They say people lose a sense of reality. Well this could all be avoid to to one simple task, adequate limits of video gaming. Video games are okay to play, but not overly excessively. You can take regular breaks like reading, walking, going outside for fresh air, etc. Finally in conclusion, video games should be recognized as sport since they meet the requirements of other sports, require the skills and also offers scholarship opportunities. Like the statistics show Last year’s League of Legends tournament racked up about eleven billion one hundred ninety-two million more viewers than the National Hockey League Final. Do you think video games should be something that bring people together and teach them teamwork or just a waste of time and
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