Why Should We Care?

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Why Should We Care?: Edgar Allan Poe “Few creatures of the night have captured [reader’s] imagination[s] like [Edgar Allan Poe]” (“Vampires”). Poe has fascinated the literary world since he first became known for writing in 1829, when he was just twenty years old ("Chronology”). While he is widely known for exploring the macabre, his work is controversial because of its psychologically disturbing nature. Edgar Allan Poe is worth examining as an author because his many contributions to the literary world were influenced by specific events in his life, and because he introduced the dark and twisted side of literature to the readers of the day, something that was not looked into much at that time. Poe seemed to use his troubling life experiences to his advantage in his work, like in “Deep in Earth,” a two-line poem written in 1847. “Deep in earth my love is lying / And I must weep alone” (Poe 44). Poe’s wife and first cousin, Virginia Clemm Poe, had died earlier that year at the age of 25 from tuberculosis (TB), and it is said that he started to write this poem about her. He never finished it, however, and it is unclear whether he wanted it to be published or even concluded. According to Bio.com, after Virginia died, Poe returned to a state of loneliness and despair, as he was before the two wed twelve years before when she was just thirteen ("Edgar Allan Poe - Full Episode"). The poem, however straightforward it may be, seems to imply that Poe suffered from depression after
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