Why Should We Follow Islam?

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What is the purpose of human creation?. Why do we have to follow Islam? Why Allah needs our prayers? All religions basically teach their followers to do good deeds then why should a person only follow Islam??Can he not follow any of the other religion??These are the some questions which often non-Muslims ask from the Muslims. Such questions need specific answers. In most of the cases, the common Muslim cannot give the answer. However there are many reasons due to which we can say that we should follow Islam. From the times of yore humen are following many religions (Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity etc.) Or worship some god i.e. bhagwan, deota, sun or Allah. We should follow Islam because Islam has many outstanding features which…show more content…
When the whole Quran complete, there was numbers of parchments. In the reign of Hazrat Usman (R.A.) all the parchment were collected and transformed into a complete book. So at that time the whole words of Allah were reserved .now no one can replace any word from Quran Majeed because Quran is not only in written form but at the same time thousands of people memories it. Whenever anyone try to replace the words he will arrested easily. In this way Quran is protected forever. On the other hand, other religions are following different books. Their books are not in actual form. In their books a lot number of changes have been occurred. The main point of above discussion is that Islam has only one holy book which is sent by Allah to us. That book is still in its real form. Its mean that all the Muslim are following the actual wishing of Allah. They are spending their life as Allah want from them. The other religions are just diverted. Thus, if you want to live according to willing of Allah then you should follow Islam. The second reason is that when the prophet of Christian, Hazrat Isa (A.S) will come again on this world he will lead the Islam. As Allah states in the holy quran: “remember when Allah said , “o Isa I shall let you full ageand raise toward myself and I shall purify you from the infidels and I shall make your followers superior to those who reject untill the day of
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