Why Should We Learn A New Language?

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Nowadays, speaking two or more languages proves to be extremely important for several reasons. For some people, business purposes are the motive to learn another language. Travelling can be the goal for others. Keeping family traditions or learning a language for the simple pleasure of it, happens to be two other respected arguments. Many programs are offered to those who want to learn a new language, including the experience of being immersed for a certain period of time, where the language is spoken. In the schools throughout Quebec, students have the possibility to learn English in a core or in an enriched program. In English classes, teachers should put an emphasis on the second language as much as possible since it is a foreign …show more content…
The students who attended the EESL program had twelve classes of English with a total of thirty-six, that was, thirty percent of their schedule. The schedule was extended over a period of nine days. The students had an English class each day, either a single period or a double period. Each period lasted seventy-five minutes. The seating plan of the class was not organized in rows as commonly seen in schools but, four tables were pushed together to form a team table. The cooperative teacher’s (CT) pedagogical approach was supported by teaching project-based activities. The activities and the lessons were planned around one theme that changed every three or four weeks. For example, the students had worked on the teenage years, superheroes, and fears just to name a few. Hence, the CT produced an array of material for each subject. Furthermore, the students used an activity book called Moving Up! and worked in a grammar book called Step 3. The CT mainly spoke English in class. However, in certain occasions, she switched to French. Speaking French was observed during a time when she had to discuss a field trip activity that the students were going to participate in. She had to explain the remaining payments that the parents had to do and she wanted to make sure the information was clearly understood by the students. Another instance when the CT spoke French with the students was just before the bell rang for class and after the bell when the class was over. The students

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