Why Should We Need A Satisfactory Knowledge?

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Why is it that the modern world has either abandoned God or removed Him from the first position and why should we care? It seems to be a very heated debate when matters of religion and faith are discussed in the modern world. One needs to be able to step back and understand both sides of the argument to be able to acquire a satisfactory knowledge, and be able to debate intelligently one’s own position. It is through self-reliance and the scientific progress that man has made, that gives him a reason to discard or downgrade the importance of God. In addition, if the believers do not acquire a proper catechesis of one’s own faith, then they could be spreading erroneous teachings and driving people away from God and religion. Because of these factors, man has distanced himself from God, and it is through the instructions and examples of the Catholic Church that man can acquire the proper knowledge of God. With this knowledge man will come to a deeper understanding of life, the proper use of the goods in this life, and the holiness of a good death. This is the reason why we still need to seek and have a relationship with God and it is even more important today. It is interesting that, in a way, we are all responsible for leading people away from God. David Hume states in his Natural History of Religion, that the majority of people in nations have accepted theism, being the belief in one God, not by reason, but by irrational superstitions (6, 4). Hume makes a good
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