Why Should We Need For Special Education Evaluation With The Parents?

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Not only in Texas is everything bigger, but it is also different when it comes to education. For example in Texas we don’t refer to IEP, we use the acronym ARD instead. While there is no change in meaning or processes, it is just titled different. IPE/ARD was originally used to accommodate up to 12 different learning disabilities. This program has been controversial to parents because they don’t want their kids to feel like they are incapable of achieving the same results of the other students.
ARD is the acronym for Texas which stands for admission, review, and dismissal. This acronym represents perfectly what the program is designed to do. Students apply for special Education evaluation with the parents’ consent and acknowledgement that the test is being done. Evaluation may take up to 60 calendar days to complete. The results will then be reviewed certified educators. The educators will then decide what is best needed to provide the student with what they need to achieve the standardized curriculum. After the extensive processes a meeting will be conducted with parents, student, and educators to discuss the results of the evaluation. This is where the last part of the acronym, dismissal comes into effect. If the student is not diagnosed with one of the 12 disabilities he or she will be dismissed from the program. However if a positive diagnoses was conceded the further action will be disused. The first further action that can be disused is the 504 plan, what this plan

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