Why Should We Study Abroad?

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In the article “Passport to Knowledge,” the author writes that studying abroad changes a person into someone new (Gaines 40). But how much can a student learn from completing a college degree from another continent instead of staying at home in the United States? After all, the idea of study abroad seems so wonderfully terrifying to most any college student. Many emerging adults are mentally burdened by a burning desire to explore and travel, but there is almost always more behind the desire than just seeing what there is to see around the world. It is important for students to study abroad at least one year of their college experience in order to grow and change into open minded people. Studying abroad gives students a better worldview, engages them in creative problem solving, and allows them to develop a better sense of self. Students’ lives are changed by their experiences, and definitely for the better. Studying abroad changes the way that many students view the world. They often develop an outlook that is more open and accepting towards different cultures than their own. This occurs after they go through the process of culture shock and adaptation. Prejudice based on culture, race, and status can also be eliminated when students go abroad because they learn to understand how the local people live. In the article called “Blaze a Trail to a Whole New World,” Laura Smith writes about what she found from her experiences abroad: “I had the opportunity to visit several
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