Essay about Why Should We Study The Holocaust?

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We study the holocaust for many reasons. One, is to know the horribleness that is us as humans, from the blacks in america, in the the 1935 War study, the races discriminated in the Nuremburg Race Laws, and the japenese back home. Also, another reason is to know that lives were treated so low, that it was okay, to some in the Nuremburg race trials, that it was alright in their eyes, to kill 11 million people. To me though, I believe we study the Holoucaust to learn of Hitlers mind, to never forget the stories of struggle, to think of the people involved in stopping the war. To look at how countries were affected by the war. To know the awfuless that happened to those in the camps, and to make sure a horrible thing like the Holocaust never…show more content…
Its enough to make you sick. I also think about those involved in the war itself. Like the Tuskegee airmen, horribly and extremly prejudised agianst, and yet previaled like an american flag in the harsh wind. People had told them that they were unequip to handle combat, and were plain old stupid. Despite this the Tuskgee Airmen did amazingly, not failing many missions, and not losing as many men as other platoons. In the eyes of american people, today and now, the Tuskgee Airmen are heros, and did not deserve of the cruel prediction they were given. Also think of the people who had to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, the thought s that must have run through their heads, as they new the people below were mainly civilians. They knew what was right for their countriees and also knew what was right in their morale. Another reason we study the holacaust is to remember the cruelty that went on inside of the camps. I almost wish people could have documented the thhings that went one within the camps that they belonged to. Although, I believe if we could see those things, the sick, awful things that went one in the concentration camps, we would not believe what cruelties could be done to human beings. It disgusts me to my core, all of the things that happened in the camps. First you were stripped of your identity, shaven head, given away items of
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