Why Should Women Abort : Life Or Health Of The Mother, Rape Or Incest? Essay

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Life is the most precious gift that has been given to humanity, and because of that, we must value and respect life. Unfortunately, abortion have emerged as a very popular solution to put an end to unwanted pregnancies, and despite the risks and consequences that this procedure can cause to women, many of them still choose that method which can be easily prevented if proactive action is taken. There are many debates regarding this topic but there is still not common ground in the answer of what is the most ethical solution, in the meanwhile, approximately 43.8 million babies die every year because of abortion worldwide (Sedgh et al. 625-632). The decision of having a family must be taken carefully, we have to be ready and we should prepare ourselves to begin a new stage in our lives. Recent studies show three main reasons why women abort: Life or health of the mother, rape or incest, and personal choice (“Unintended Pregnancy”). The arguments behind those reasons could be analyzed from different points of views. When the life or health of the mother is threat by a medical condition that endanger the survival possibilities of the mother or the child, many times the doctors ask the mother to choose if they want to save themselves or if they want their child to live. Despite the hard nature of the decision that must be taken, many times women are not willing to sacrifice themselves to save their child. On the other hand, victims of rape or incest are justifiably sensitive for

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