Why Should You Accept Me Into Your Msw Program?

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In looking at the criteria for this essay it has taken me quite a while to think about how I should answer these questions. I thought to myself I could write a book which would be completely inappropriate for this essay! So I have tried to put a lot of consideration into the length of this essay! My life has been the “event” and the “experiences” that have led me to the choice to pursue a career in social work! I was raised in a narcissist family in which my mother never was capable of loving me due to her mental illnesses and a father whom was an abuser. I learned to “survive” at a very young age and also developed a deep intuitive ability. I wanted that “perfect” family that I had so longed for my whole life and at 19 became a…show more content…
My son’s aggression had gotten so bad that it began to really scare me and I began to believe that there was seriously something wrong with him. I took him to the emergency room and the doctors told me “did you know he was hearing voices?” I could not believe they would say such a thing and remember talking to him and saying everyone has a voice inside their head, their conscious, right? I allowed them to start medication thinking he might be depressed from the move and started him in therapy. I was a true believer in the power of therapy. To make a long journey short after numerous stays at Four Winds (a mental hospital) and years of therapy both individual and family, classes, and many drug trials we finally have a diagnosis of bi-polar with psychosis and GAD. When I look back I am truly thankful to have such a wonderful social worker that worked with him and me and guided us through this learning process. Today although my son is a teenager, he is very well managed. I am much more knowledgeable now then I was years ago through my research, dealings and therapies. I am very fond of the book “The Explosive Child” by Ross Green and “The Bi-Polar Child” both of these books have helped me in my home and in dealings with the school and my son’s IEP. For many years, I have also benefited from the many resources that my community has to offer such as in home case management. My husband and I attended the course “The

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