Why Should You Be A Pharmacist?

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When initially applying to pharmacy school, I had the same mentality as of half the applicants. “I want to be a pharmacist because I have always been good at math and science” and “I think it is interesting how a medication can alter the body” were common justifications I used to support my decision for choosing this field. It was not until I started my clinical pharmacy coursework that I came to realize and appreciate just how much of a difference pharmacists can make in ensuring proper patient care. When I began my advanced practice rotations, I was able to make pharmacological therapy recommendations and interventions of my own that would provide superior patient care and assure safety. It was during this time that I decided that I needed to complete a pharmacy residency in order to advance my clinical knowledge and set myself up for a career as a clinical pharmacist. The more I progressed in my pharmacy education, the more I began to love pharmacy. During my rotations, I made numerous interventions, each feeling like a small victory, but there are certainly some that provided a greater benefit to the patient than others. One of my patients was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation one month prior to hospital admission. He was started on Cardizem, which had been titrated to 120mg PO Q6H, and Pradaxa 150mg PO BID. The patient presented with the chief compliant of abdominal pain. An occult stool exam was performed, and came back positive. His hemoglobin level dropped from a
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