Why Should You Be Chosen As A Staff Member?

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IGN (Include Previous Names Also): https://namemc.com/profile/K4MR4N/b9488658 Age: 15 Timezone: GMT Location: England, Britain, Bradford. Gender: Male. How many hours can you play each day? Monday: 5 - 10 Hours. Tuesday: 5 - 10 Hours. Wednesday: 5 - 10 Hours. Thursday: 5 - 10 Hours. Friday: 10 - 15 Hours. Saturday: 15 - 20 Hours. Sunday: 10 - 15 Hours. Have you had any past experience? I have been a Helper on VeltPvP before but I got demoted. The reason I got demoted was because I flew out of a trap on kitmap to go watch someone who was setting off alerts when I wasn 't tagged. Unfortunately I got banned because I could not show evidence. Are you staff on any other servers currently? No I am not :D. More time for VeltPvP! Why should you be chosen as a staff member? I 've been playing this server since map 3; in that time I 've experienced a lot of things and met a lot of players. In all honesty, some of those players weren 't the nicest and some of those experiences I could 've gone without; but I wouldn 't enjoy the game if nothing bad were to happen. Granting this, I will not let it affect the way I treat them if I were to get staff. I realise that everyone deserves equal treatment, and a chance - no matter their history. It 's no secret that VeltPvP is growing more and more, and more players are entering the scene. I want to be one of the first names they see when they log in. I want to be able to assist as many players as I can. Just knowing that my help has
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