Why Should You Be Chosen As A Staff Member?

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Yes i do, ArsonPvP - Mod - Demoted ( " Inactivity " ) Reeve - Mod - Resigned ( Too hard with all the realms ) MinePeak - Mod - Resigned ( Server was so small there wasn 't much to do ) GlowCraft - Mod - Server Shut Down ( Server given to brother in law ) ForsakenHCF - TMod - Server Shut Down ( Reason don 't know why ) PremeHCF - Manager - Server Shut Down ( Due to money issues ) Orginal Gamers - Helper - Demoted ( Never Played The Server After Release ( TRASH SERVER ) ) SharpnessPvp - Owner/Manger - Server Shut Down ( Due to money issues ) uPot Network - T-Mod - Just lost interest in the server Are you staff on any other servers currently? No, I am not Why should you be chosen as a staff member? Well, in my opinion I am a very optimistic person, when I am faced with a problem I think around it and solve it. I don 't sit and whine, but in the occasions of when the problem is too big for me I will contact a higher and more influential person. When I feel as if I have not finished a certain task set to me to my higher potential, I scrap the old and try again until the new is the best it could ever be. I don 't think I 'm a perfect person, but I can bring a sense of friendliness and closure to the community. I believe I have the traits of an honest and friendly staff member. I will be very active on both the forums and in game, I will be able to evaluate and give my own verdict on Ban appeals and Staff application. I will give my honest opinions and be able to help
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