Why Should You Be Chosen As A Staff Member?

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Can you record with atleast 30+ FPS?:
Yes, i record with fraps and get good FPS

Do you have both Slack and Teamspeak?:
Yes, I have ts but not slack but I can download it

When did you join HCZone?:
I joined HCZone 2 maps ago and i 'm enjoying it a lot

How many hours can you play each day?
Monday - 7 hours
Tuesday - 6 hours
Wednesday - 8 hours
Thursday - 7 hours
Friday - 13+ hours
Weekend - All day long

Experience as staff:
Purgepots - Mod - Resigned (Staff where toxic)
BattleHCF - Mod - Server closed down
OxPvP - Helper - Back in the day

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:

I think one of the biggest reasons I should be accepted is because I am very experienced in moderating and being staff. I would like to think im good at helping the community . I am used to dealing with toxicity in the chat or the team-speak so there 's not a problem with that.I get along with everyone and i work in a team well. Furthermore i love taking advice from other staff admins or owners because then i can realise my mistakes and fix what i 'm doing wrong. Working as a team is very important for staff as there is a lot of players compared to staff members so being efficient is key. I am a very patient and calm person in general which I think is a big asset to have when moderating a popular server. I know how to keep my cool and be calm in all situations so I can be as good as possible.I have a lot of experience in HCF servers which
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