Why Should You Eat For Lunch?

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Deciding what to eat for lunch, debating which extracurricular activities to join and making friends are typically common things you think of when thinking about school. In most cases when one thinks of school they think of making friends, having fun, learning and gaining independency, and ultimately getting out alive. My experience with school was not the best. Feeling like I never fit in always seemed to take place over my studies. Here is what I have learned.

Learning to start what I finished was one of the first lessons learned that I can remember. When I was around 7 years old we lived next door to an elderly couple. The wife used to be the girl scout’s leader of my troop. I don’t think they had family around so I would hang out with them often. Mr. Bradley would work endlessly in his garage on puzzles. He had tons of them stacked on a shelf in the garage and we always worked on them together. When it seemed we were working too long and not making any progress I always suggested we put it away and start on a new one. Mr. Bradley never allowed it, he always said we need to finish what we started. It could be anything from as small as finishing my chores, homework or as big as finishing out something we learned in girl scouts. I remember I didn’t see their garage up for a while so I knocked on the door. Mrs. Bradley’s sister answered and said they were in the hospital because Mr. Bradley had a procedure done. I told her sister how we worked on puzzles in his…

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